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Important information:

Provincials 2016 - 2nd place!

CHSUC 2016 in Oshawa - 4th place!

HBTS 2015 - 1st place!!!

CHSUC 2015 in Burnaby - Congratulations on finishing 5th!

HBTS 2014 - Congratulations on finishing 3rd!

CHSUC in Montreal - May 1-4, 2014.  Congrats on 4th in Canada!

Hold Back the Snow 2013: Tie for 3rd!  Congratulations!

Provincials finishing placements 2013: Warriors 5th in pool A; Wild 5th in pool B

Congratulations to the Warriors on winning the Showdown Tournament in Calgary!  Also congrats to the Wild for their 3rd place finish!

Congratulations to the Westwood Warriors team for their 4th place finish at the MODS Indoor Tournament on Sat., May 4, 2013!

Congratulations to Westwood for their 3rd and 22nd place finishes at HBTS 2012!

Field Map (regular season):
[Image:Assiniboine Park MODS Field Locations.png]

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